Children are carefree

Do you remember how as a child you had no cares in the world. You lived in the moment, right here, right now safe and secure knowing that your dad and mother would protect you, care for you and be there when you needed them?

You knew back then that if you called “mommy!” “daddy!” they would answer and come running to help you. But then something happened, you became what this world calls an “responsible” adult supposed to be well able to care for yourself.

As an adult you are not supposed to feel fear, worry and sometimes that anxiety that seems so strong that you just want to shout out “mommy!”, “daddy!”. I do believe most of us, if we are truly honest with ourself, would admit that we often have moments like that. Moments where we feel so overwhelmed we just want to go back to being a carefree child again. Moments where we just want to shout out “mommy, daddy!, help!” and we long for them to come and pick us up in their arms, hold us, comfort us and help us.

And then you come back to real life, you are no longer a child, you are a “responsible” adult, so you choose to just pull yourself together, set your face like flint and pretend those emotions do not exist.

Is this the biblical way?

At first glance Matthew 6:25-34 seems to describe children, carefree children who doesnt have a care in this world. In these verses Jesus describes an existence without any cares, no worries, nothing to fear and no lack because there is a big, strong, powerful Dad that protects, provides for and guides.

Jesus is not talking about children in Matthew 6:25-34, but we have grown so accustomed to the idea that if we are adults, we have to worry. It is the responsible thing to do to worry, because if we worry we take responsibility for our lifes. Being in charge of something always brings with it great responsibility but great responsibility always gives reasons for great worry. After all, the man on the top can not expect anybody to help him because he is supposed to be a leader, somebody to look up to, somebody safe, secure who always knows what to do, when to do it and never has any problems.

But the truth is, superman does not exist. Hollywoods image of the perfect husband, perfect wife, perfect leader in the business world is just a made up image that has no root in real life.

And remember, every person born on this planet is in charge of something and functions as a leader. Maybe you are not in charge of a big business, maybe you are not a CEO, but you are in charge of your own life and one day you left the comfort of your parents and was faced with having to make it on your own. That day, you became the leader of your own life.

The difference between Hollywoods image of a leader, a great leader and the real life is sin.

Sin is the difference, Hollywood presents the image of great powerful leaders who are well able to lead their own lifes to great success and never gets plagued with emotional disturbances, always knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Sin makes this an impossibility.

There is no way to be a great leader, you can try to lead your own life, “be in charge” of your own life and give the impression you always know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. But sin in your own life will always give you emotional upsets, there will be times when you will be so plagued with fear, anxiety and worry that you dont know what to do and how to lead yourself, your familiy or your business.

So could it be that Jesus is not talking about children in Matthew 6:25-34?

Perhaps Jesus is showing us how life is supposed to be like, both for children and adults?

Perhaps Jesus is telling us there is a way to life your life the way you used to when you where a child, without a care in this world. Always knowing, trusting your dad will provide, care for you and guide you?

If you are human you are a sinner. There is no way to avoid sin, and even if you confess to being a Christian, you are still a sinner. Being a Christian does not make you sinless, it just makes you a sinner saved by grace.

We dont deserve heaven, we dont deserve anything from God. We deserve hell and eternal punishment. (If you disagree with me on this I challenge you to prove that you deserve something from God. I challenge you to take the test at need god ) And we do not deserve Gods love.

But still He loves us so much that He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. The solution to our sin problem is to humble ourself and come in simple childlike faith to the cross and just believe “Jesus died for me”.

This is an offense to the adult mind, because as adults we so want to prove ourself, prove that we deserve something so that we can show the entire world how good we are. But if you are willing to humble yourself and admit to being a sinner who believes “Jesus died for me” then the Lord promises to do the rest. And there is no limit to what He can do in a persons life who chooses to humble themself at the cross.

In Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus describes the life of a sinner saved by grace.

This is the life of a person who has acknowlegded who they are, nothing but a sinner but has chosen to put his faith in “Jesus died for me”.

Its so easy, so humbling but at the same time so rewarding. You get to loose your own life, all your cares, worries, anxieties and hang ups. Instead you gain His life, you get to live His life and He, the Lord Jesus Christ, has no anxieties, worries and cares.

You get to live the life of Jesus on this earth. Dont get me wrong, you do NOT become Jesus, but you become one with Him where you get to participate in everything He has. And if you read the Bible you soon find out that He has everything. He has no lack, no sickness, no disease, no financial debt, no loneliness, no emotional disturbance.

But first you have to die to yourself, you have to come to the cross and loose yourself. Then He will give you His life….

Is this not wonderful? We as sinners, who dont deserve anything from God gets free access to the life of Jesus Christ and everything He has.

This can be compared to (well not really because you cant compare a human with God). But the best image I can come up with is this, imagine suddenly being adopted into the Royal family of England or Bill Gates. Suddenly they treated you as one of their own without having done anything to deserve it.

But you get to do something that is way much better then being adopted into the Gates family or the Royal Familiy of England. You get to become a part of Gods family, being granted access to everything that Jesus has. When God looks at you He doesnt see you, He sees Jesus and He never denies Jesus anything that His word says.

The only thing you have to do is to believe, believe that Jesus died for me.

So then it becomes obvious that Jesus in Matthew 6:25-34 speaks about how life is supposed to be like – if we humble ourself and believe.

Because this how life is supposed to be, we are supposed to live like carefree children with a BIG Daddy

This has become so comforting to me lately, knowing that because I have BIG Daddy I am not alone. I get to live a life without worrying and anxiety, without stress and fear. The only thing I have to do is to believe “Jesus died for me” and then I am one with Jesus.

When my Daddy looks at me He doesnt see me, because I am hidden inside Jesus. He sees Jesus because of my faith in “Jesus died for me”. I do not become Jesus, instead I get to die to myself and He becomes alive in me. This will never stop, each day I have to choose to put my faith in “Jesus died for me” so that I can die each day and Jesus can live in me.


Therfore I can pray with confidence to have my needs met. I can pray with confidence to be guided to the best apartment to rent, or to recieve the funds I need to keep the house and not have to sell. I can pray with confidence to recieve the funds I need to quit this job and launch my own online ministry using my real name. I can pray with confidence for healing for my wife, for myself knowing that He doesnt hear me praying. He hears Jesus praying, and He always responds to prayers prayed by Jesus.

We get to live the life of Jesus, so we get to live like carefree children again knowing we have a BIG Daddy who cares for His Son Jesus.

















Peace in the midst of the storm

I am so thankful right now that I am a sinner saved by grace, because right now there is so much happening and if I didnt have the Lord with me in this I would be in deep depression right now.

I met with the real estate agent a couple of hours ago and the house will go on the market in 1 month and 3 days. So my wife and I have 1 month and 3 days to move and clean the house. The real estate agent told me it would sell much faster and to a much higher price if we didnt live there when it came on the market.

In about two hours from now, I will go and look at an apartment that looks perfect for us. But tomorow the bank will withdraw from my account interests on the mortgage on our house. (You might remember how I came to a settlment with the bank to only pay interest on the house mortgage until the month of May). The amount for the interest they will withdraw tomorow is the same amount that I need for a downpayment on the apartment we are going to look at in two hours. And because our wages are garnished I dont know right now if this months paycheck will be big enough to cover both the interests on the house mortgage AND the deposit on the apartment coupled with the first rent.

The bank that has our house mortgage does this automaticly from our account. So there is no way for me to stop them from taking the money to cover the interests on the house mortgage. And I dont know when I will get this months paycheck. Perhaps if I had them within the next hour and 30 minutes on my account I could do something since they will not withdraw the money until tomorow.

But then again I feel a check in my spirit “dont do that”.

This is when I am thankful for being a sinner saved by grace with my faith firmly in the cross of Christ, baptized in the Holy Spirit with tounges.

In the midst of this “chaos” right now where I dont know what will happen, how it will happen or where the money will come from, I find peace and security in focusing my mind on the cross of Christ, and I find it so much easier  to hear from Him when I turn to tongues. Combined with my faith in the cross tongues calmes me down and helps me to hear what He wants to say to me.

Dont get me wrong, tongues are not the object of my faith. They are a most valued help  in a difficult situation. The object is and will always be the cross of Christ.  And I know because of this I have peace in the midst of the storm, and I know because of this, my heavenly Father got this so I can relax.

Praise the Lord !!

Waiting with the Lord

Waiting for something to happen is never fun, especially when you dont have control over the outcome and you have to just trust Him.

I guess it is something that carries over from childhood. When I was a child I hated waiting on christmas eve. I wanted to first open the gifts under the tree, but my parents wanted first to eat dinner, and then go ahead to open the gifts. And sometimes I would get so frustrated waiting I was unable to relax and enjoy the dinner. Back then, as a kid I was not the Lord of my own life so I had to follow and do what they my parents told me to do. But deep down inside I had this impatient feeling, I wanted to decide. I wanted to be the Lord of myself and choose what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

I left home when I was 20 years old and I lived as the lord of my own life for the next three years. Finally I was able to decide over my own life, decide what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Looking back on those years I have to admit there where a lot of times I was at the mercy of lifes circumstances. Even though I wanted to be the lord in my own life, there was a lot of things that I just couldnt do anything with, circumstances and events I just had to accept happened and make the best out of it.

September 11.2001 I got a new Lord over my life, He is my Saviour and my Lord Jesus Christ.

When I got saved I accepted that I am unable to be the lord over my life. And I accepted and gave Jesus permission to be the Lord over my life. But this can be challenging sometimes for all of us.

It is challenging because there is something deep within us that desperatly refuses to give up control in our own life. Something deep down inside so badly wants to keep control and be the lord over our own life. We know from experience we are unable to be the lord in our own lifes, and if we try we just end up sinning again. So even though it is challenging, and sometimes wery challenging, we have to refuse our rights to our own lifes.

The moment we got saved we refused, we gave up the right to be the lords over our own lifes. And we gave Jesus permission to be our Lord. We gave up the right to decide what will happen to us, and we gave Him the right to decide what will happen to us.

This is challenging because we cant allow that part of us that wants to rebell against this to come to the surface. We cant allow that part of us that wants rise up against Jesus to come to the surface and regain control in our lifes. But we cant keep that part of us under control by ourself. The only way to prevent that part of us to come the surface and try to take back control in our lifes is the cross of Christ.

Each day we have to focus our faith on one thing, and one thing only “Jesus died for me” and that is the answer to all, ALL of lifes challenges. And that is the only way to keep Jesus as the Lord of our lives ,and keep that part of us that wants to rebell against Jesus under control.

So even though it is challenging it is not impossible. It is impossible if we try to do it by ourself. But it is 100% possible if we let Jesus our Lord do it, and He is only able to do it if we keep our faith in the cross of Christ.

Now we come to the other challenge and that is trust.

When we give up our rights to be the lord in our own lifes we also give up the rights to decide what will happen to us. Many times during the day we are confronted with challenges that is easy to fix. But many times we are also faced with challenges we have never been faced with before. And then we cant rely on experience.

Those challenges that gives us the oppurtunity to rely on experience is easy to overcome. We know how the Lord helped us in the past, so when a similar situation happens, we know what the Lord told us to do and we repeat the same action. But what about those challenges you have never been faced with before? Those challenges that makes you wish you where the lord in your own life, but deep down inside you know that would not have helped you because you are not allmigthy. So even if you had been the lord over your own life, you couldnt have resolved that challenge even if you wanted to.

A relative suddenly gets the terrible message he or she is dying of cancer. The bank foreclosures on your house, you dont have the money to pay your bills or you are suddenly hit with a physical or mental illness.

What about those challenges? Those challenges you have never been faced with before, you dont have any experience to draw on and deep down inside you think to yourself “I sure hope the Bible is true because now I really need Jesus”.

If you have made Jesus the Lord over your life you have only one option when faced with these challenges, to trust Him.

And this is where it gets difficult, because you have given up the right to your own life. You have accepted that you dont deserve anything from the Lord. You dont even deserve to know what will happen to you. So you dont have the right to demand an answer from the Lord.

So what do you do when you pray but the Lord is silent? What do you do when you have prayed so hard, and so many times for guidance, but the Lord is silent?

You choose to trust, despite the Lord being silent right now. And that is really hard sometimes, I know from experience.

But I have found a way out, a way to make it easier to trust while you are waiting. A way I didnt have when I was a child desperatly waiting to open my gifts under the tree. A way to rest, to relaxation and the Lords peace in the midst of the storm when the Lord feels silent. A way that makes it easy to trust your Lord, a way that makes it so easy that you are suddenly filled with so much faith that you, that you know, that you know, that you KNOW He WILL come through for you and it doesnt matter if it happens now or in 10 years. Because you know, that you know, that you know that you are safe, provided for, protected and guided while you are waiting for you breakthrough.

So what is the way I have found?

The way is the cross, the way is “Jesus died for me”.

There is always one thing that never changes and that is the fact that “Jesus died for me”.

So while you are waiting for the Lord to come through for you, use the time not to focus on what you dont have. Instead choose to focus on what you do have. And you have the greatest miracle on earth, your salvation.

The Lord Jesus Christ died for you and gave you forgivness and a new life.

That truth alone should be enough for your heart to be filled with such joy and peace that satan cant do anything to steal your joy and your trust in your Lord while you are waiting for your breakthrough.

Because think of this for a moment, you know that you can trust somebody who loves you so much that He died for you and took your punishment upon Himself. You know that if He did this then He will come through for you and give you what His word says. Then you can rest assured that He will provide for you, give you financial security, heal you, guide you and protect you.

He might not do it the second we want Him to do it. And that is something we just have to accept because He knows best. He is allmighty, so He sees and knows things we dont see and dont know. So He knows best, so if He chooses not to come through for you right now it is because that is the best thing for you right now. But while you are waiting, strengthen yourself by focusing on the cross.

And then suddenly, suddenly He will give you what His word promises you.

So dont give up, keep praying, keep believing Him and keep trusting Him. He can be trusted and you know that to be true because Jesus died for you even though you did not deserve it.

Doors and peace

Some of you might remember that I bought a 16 year old car a few months back. I sold the old car I had that carried with it a lot of problems and used the money to buy an even older car thinking it didnt have that much problems.

It turned out the seller was ignorant of a few things on the car, so I ended up using a lot more money fixing this one then I had first thought would be necesarry. But there was one problem with the car nobody seemed to be able to fix. The seller said the front door on the passenger side had jammed shut about 6 months ago and couldnt be open. And sure enough, I found out he was right. It was jammed shut and couldnt be opened. So I contacted a garage, told them about the problem and they said they would look at it next tuesday but it would be expensive since nobody knew why we couldnt open the door.

Two days ago, on Saturday, I was driving my wife into town. Up until now she has had to sit in the back seat because the door was jammed. When we had finished what we where doing in the town we walked back to the car. I walked to the drivers side, but she had forgotten the door couldnt open. So she went to the front door on the passenger side, reached out and pulled the handle on the door, and then suddenly it opened.

All glory to the Lord who meets all our needs!

It was totally unexpected, but we are so thankful for it.

I know the Lord is well able to heal the car completly and not just a door, so I dont know why He just opened it and didnt fix the lock at the same time. We are unable to lock it right now, so we still have to take it to the mechanic next tuesday. But if the Lord doesnt intervene before then, it will still be much cheaper now they dont have to first figure out how to open it.

I dont know why He didnt fix the lock, but it doesnt bother me because I know He has His reasons. I am just thankful we saved a lot of money.

When it comes to the foreclosure you might remember we came to agreement with the collection agency. They agreed to having us sell by our own free will.

Suddenly another apartment became available to rent, and this one is much better then the one we first had in mind. The first one was not available until June, this one is available right now. We dont have to move so quick, but it will be much easier for us if we could get our hands on a apartment right away and start moving our things while we wait to having the house sold. Then we wouldnt have to hire a moving company, but could be able to do almost all of the move by ourself.  It is within our price range, and it is large enough to keep all of our things. If the Lords wants us to sell, and if He wants us to have that apartment it will be a blessing for us.

I am still not sure if the Lord wants us to sell the house. I know we have to sell in the natural, or else we will be forced to sell. So I have told the Lord, I have no choice in the matter. I have to do what is required to do to sell the house, and then He is free to intervene whenever and however He wants. He knows right now on what date the house will be sold. So the Lord knows when He will have to intervene if He wants us to stay in the house.

When it comes to this apartment I have this strange feeling in my spirit. I have total peace about renting that apartment, and when I saw the guy who ownes it on Facebook I knew that this is the guy the Lord wants us to rent from. And when I hear the name of the small village this apartment is located in (about 10 minutes from where we work), I have a sense of joy and peace in my spirit.

So jugding by what I feel in my spirit I know we are to sell the house, rent this apartment and move.

This is where it becomes challenging, lately it seems like the only sermons and teaching I hear on Christian television has one message “fight to stay where you are at”. And of the prophetic words I have been given over the last year they all have the same message “the Lord will give you an oppurtunity to stay where you are at”.

I have no choice, it would be irresponsible of me not to do what I need to do to sell the house. It would be irresponsible of me not to do what I can do to try to get that apartment.

So it is so easy to fall prey to the confusion, to the questions “what do you want me to do Lord?. And why does it seem like I get so many confusing messages?”.

Then my mind goes back to the car and the jammed door.

I know I prayed several times for the Lord to fix the car, but I still went ahead did what I needed to do to having it fixed by a mechanic. And the Lord was not offended by me doing that, He chose to intervene suddenly a saturday morning in a parking garage and open the door.

So I have learned from this that the Lord does not get offended when we do what we feel we need to do because we dont hear Him saying anything else. No I am not saying this wery well, so let me try to reprhase what I am trying to say.

If my faith is in the cross of Christ, in Jesus dying for me on the cross, then the Lord doesnt get offended when I pray for wisdom and end up feeling like I have to do what I have to not be irresponsible. So as long as my faith and my trust is in Jesus dying for me, and I trust that is the key to having ALL my needs met then the Lord doesnt get offended when I am confused and end up doing what I have to do to sell the house.

He intervened and opened the door on the car because my faith is in the cross of Christ. I believe that Jesus dying for me on the cross meets all my needs, physically, spiritually and emotionally. But still I didnt hear Him telling me that He would open the door two days ago. I prayed, and I heard nothing. I prayed again, and I kept on praying for the healing of the car reminding the Lord I dont have that kind of money to fix it. And while I prayed I kept on having my faith in the cross, believing that all my needs are met because Jesus died for me. And I went ahead and booked an apointment for having the door fixed at an mechanic. And then suddenly the Lord intervened and opened the door.

He was not offended by me making the appointment with the mechanic believing they had to open the door. He was not offended by me praying again, and again for Him to intervene and fix the door.

The reason for Him not being offended is my faith in the cross, my believe that all my needs are met because Jesus died for me.

So I know that right now I am praying for the Lord to give me the money to keep the house, if it is His will. And I pray for the money to pay the moving company (we need them to move the big furniture), and I pray for the grace to get that apartment. All the while I am doing what I have to do, going ahead with the preperations for the sale.

And I know He doesnt get offended by me praying to keep the house, and at the same time going ahead with the sale.


Because my faith is in the cross, I believe all my needs are met when Jesus died for me.


Do you know?

A thought came to mind today, do you know how valuable you are to God?

I know, when you are knee deep in lifes many challenges and you have prayed, prayed, prayed but it seems like you are just sinking deeper it is hard to believe you could be valuable to God. After all, if you where valuable, wouldnt He rescue you out of the pit of financial mess, financial debt, sickness and lifes many challenges you are slowly drowning in?

Could it be your own fault, some actions on your own part that is causing you to sink deeper into the pit instead of experiencing Gods rescue?

I know, this is hard to read for some of you. I know, I am that pit myself sinking deeper and deeper into the pit of financial debt. And I know, if somebody came to me 3 months ago and said this was because of my own doing I would have strongly objected to it. Because after all, isnt God supposed to be good? How can a good God not intervene and rescue me out of this pit of financial debt?

That was what I would have replied 3 months ago, before the message of the cross changed my life.

We as Christians live in a world where self, our ego is in focus. We are sorrounded by teachings, ideas and mindsets that elevates our ego and makes us demand our rights. Our society is filled up with people thinking they are entitled to goods, to have their needs met, and if that does not happen the society we are in teaches us to blame everybody else but ourself. But most of the time our needs are not met in the society we live in because of our own actions, attitudes and mindsets.

I live in Northern Europe in a country with a lot of social benefits. Nobody in my country has to live on the streets, if you cant work you will get a welfare income from the state and the state will provide housing for you. In my country we have young people who are able to work, but they refuse to work. So instead they file for welfare checks and they expect the government to take care of them, to provide for them without having to do anything.

Dont get me wrong, this is a blessing if you are sick and unable to work. And it is a blessing if you have lost your job and you want to work but you cant. It is a blessing to live in a nation that has safety nets when life throws you a curveball that stops from earning a living and stops you from providing for yourself and your family.

But it becomes a curse for a nation when people take advantage of such safety nets, people who are able to work but just dont want to work.

We as Christians are affected by this, and if just switch on your local Christian tv station you will soon find teachings that gives you the impression that God ows you something. Teachings that tells you that God has to meet your needs, that you deserve to have your needs met.

With unbiblical teachings like that we end up with Christian cursing themself because they think God owes them something. They think they deserve to be blessed by Him, provided for by Him, healed by Him, guided and protected by Him.

I was one of them 3 months ago, influenced by teachers who said they preached grace but in fact they preached law. So 3 months ago I would have said God is my Father, I am His son, I am saved, He loves me, He is supposed to rescue me from this pit of financial debt.

I believed because I was told He was my Father He owed it to me to rescue me. After all, is not that what good Fathers are supposed to do?

I believed I was a sinner before I got saved, and I believed I couldnt save myself. So I did believe Jesus died for me and I repented. But after accepting “Jesus died for me” my faith was so influenced by “grace” teachers and “grace” revolution that I ended up believing God owed it to me to rescue me. I had not done anything to earn His help, but just being saved and a beloved son made me think He owed it to me to rescue me.

But the truth is, God does not owe us anything. We dont deserve anything from Him.

I dont care if you have been saved 1 day, 1 hour or 100 years. You dont deserve anything from Him. And if you do believe you are living under grace and you can expect His help just because He loves you, that He owes it to you to help you, then you are actually fooling yourself and you are actually living under law.

And that is the reason why you are sinking deeper into the pit of lifes many challenges.

Is not the time to do something to get out of the pit of despair?

Yes the Bible promises us healing, provision, deliverance, protection and guidance. All of the promises you need to see fulfilled in your life right now while you are standing there knee deep in the pit of lifes challenges.

How do you obtain those promises? How do you get to see them fulfilled in your life?

It is actually quite simple, it is so easy even a child can understand it. It doesnt require an education or a theological degree. It doesnt require you to learn Hebrew or to celebrate the feasts of Israel. It doesnt require you to be baptized, starve yourself to death or deny yourself the sleep your body so desperatly need so you can stay up and pray. It doesnt require you to abstain from lifes blessings, you dont have to become a munk living on top of a pole or in a cave. You dont have to travel to Jerusalem or to give away all your money to a ministry.

It is so easy it is easy to overlook the solution.

Are you ready for it?

The solution is cropped-shutterstock_63582394.jpgThe solution is the cross of Christ.

Man mind is so strange sometimes, so many of you could fall into the trap of thinking the solution is the wooden beam.

No that is wrong, dead wrong.

The solution is the cross of Christ, what Jesus did for you. Or to put it another way, the solution is “Jesus died for me”.

That is the key to unlock the promises of the Bible, an acceptance of the truth “Jesus died for me”.

And why did He die for you?

Because you are and will always be a sinner. But now you are now longer a sinner without hope headed for hell.

You are a sinner who knows Jesus died for you and because He died for you, you are one with Him, totally forgiven by God for all the sins you have done and all the sins you will do in the future.

That is the key, the liferaft, the rope that will pull you out of the pit you are in right now.

But it is not an easy key to accept for some of you. And some of will read these words and never understand it. Pride is the strongest hinderance to accepting this easy truth. Because you have to admit one thing before you can come to the cross.

You have to admit to being a sinner. You have to admit that you dont deserve anything from God, you only deserve hell and eternal punishment. For even though you consider yourself to be a Christian you will never stop sinning. Each day, each second of the hour you will sin and some of those sins will go unnoticed by your mind. But God sees them all. God holds everybody accuntable for their actions, Christians and non Christians.

The difference between us Christians and a non Christian is the promise of forgivness.

The Lord knows we are unable to make ourself stop sinning, but He wants us to confess our sins each day, every second of the hour to Him and ask for His forgivness. And then He promises us to forgive us if we do this AND each day have our faith firmly in one thing, and one thing only “Jesus died for me”.

Do you know how valuable you are to the Lord?

You are a sinner, you deserve hell, but even so He died for you.

Jesus Christ the Son of God who has never ever sinned came to earth as a man and was crucified for you. He took your sins, your punishment upon Himself so you could live as a child of God and have eternal life.

When you consider how valuable you are to Him, how much He loves you.

Why is it then so hard for you to believe He wants to bless you? Why is it then so hard for you to believe He wants to prosper you, heal you, provide for you, protect you, guide you and deliver you?

You dont deserve anything from Him. But He has said that if you will just believe in “I am a sinner and Jesus died for me” then you can trust Him to do the rest. And He has promised to shower you with gifts, gifts you dont deserve. Gifts of healing, gifts of provision, gifts of guidance, wisdom, and deliverance.

The only thing He requires of you is faith.

That is how valuable you are to God. And that is why I know that I dont deserve His help. I dont deserve to become debt free, I dont deserve to keep the house. I dont deserve His help in obtaining an apartment if He wants us to move. I dont deserve money to open my own ministry, I dont deserve His healing, provision, guidance and deliverance.

But because I believe, my faith is in “Jesus died for me because I am a sinner” He will give me all of the above and more.


The Lord has been dealing with me lately on how important it is to understand that the cross of Christ is the source of everything we need. It is not just for salvation, it is for everything.

When we accept what Jesus did for us at the cross we are saved, forgiven and born again. Our new life as a child of God begins at that moment. But what we so often forget is the importance of accepting we are not only forgiven, but at that time we enter into a covenant with the Lord. A covenant where He takes on the responsibility to be the strong party, the one who provides for us, heals us, guides us and protects us. We dont get to do anything is this covenant except for one thing, we have to believe.

Believe in what?

Believe that Jesus Christ died for us on the cross, for our sins.

That is our part of the covenant, believe in Jesus dying on a cross for us and our sins.

But the cross makes no sense if we dont admit to being sinners. Yes, sinners saved by grace but still sinners. And this is where most of Christianity today misses the mark.

I remember some years ago after being saved I heard a lot of preaching that told me we are saved by grace, through faith by the cross. But after being saved we should focus on who we are in Christ and our authority in Christ. The preaching I heard didnt say we should disregard the cross after salvation, but it never mentioned the cross for anything but salvation. The focus was so strong on the Father, the Fathers love, what we could and should do as believers and the importance of not being sin consciousness.

At that time I was a big fan of preachers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. I bought all the books I could find and read them several times. They all sounded so good, so biblical and so true. I also read books by Andrew Wommack and John Eldregde. I felt so blessed, I felt like I was really growing into my new identity as a believer, but at the same time I began to feel more and more tired and I didnt sense the Lord the way I used to.

I remember buying the book “Battlefield of the mind”, “Power thoughts” by Joyce Meyer. I loved those books, and they promised so much. They promised victory if I could just focus my mind on those scriptures. I remember listening to Joel Osteen preaching about how God wants me to be succesfull, fullfilled, and how much He loves me. I remember how he preached about the importance of focusing on Gods love.

When I read those books and listened to those sermons at home it felt so good. This was the road to victory and I felt so blessed. It felt so easy, just qoute scriptures, just decree and declear “I am” and then the problem will go away. Being in the midst of lifes many challenges was a completly different story.

I soon discovered how difficult it is to focus your mind on scriptures or “I am ” decrees when you are stressed, tired, sceared and your mind is filled with worry and anxiety. It is easy when you are sitting at home, relaxing, but it is not easy when you are out there in the real world.

I soon got wery tired and I had to accept that the promises made by Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Andrew Wommack and John Eldregde was not true. They promised me victory but all I got was defeat. And looking back it is no wonder, because they did not preach grace, they preached law and if you try to live under law it will always bring defeat. God will never bless a person trying to make it by living under law.

What I actually was doing was comitting sin, because what it all comes down to is this: The cross is the only way to God and to Gods promises.

There is no other way to Gods promises then through the cross.

Yes God promises us healing, He promises us deliverance, He promises us protection, He promises us provision, He promises us a life the way we find it in psalm 23. He says we do not have to worry about anything, because He promises to take care of us.

All of the above mentioned authors (and many others) promised that if we did their way, we would find life more abundantly through Jesus. But this is the way the devil operates, he takes what is a part of the truth and then mix it with lies and then tempts well meaning preachers into buying his lies.

But the Bible says that there is only 1 way to the abundant life of Christ, and that is through the cross. And Jesus Himself even said we have to each day take up our cross if we are to follow Him.

So we have established that we need the cross for salvation AND after salvation because the cross is the only way to the abundant life God promises us.

To put it in another way, God has established covenants between Himself and us humans. In the old testament it was a covenant between Abraham and the Lord and all other people who would follow Abrahams example. Abraham was not allowed to enter that covenant on the basis of his works, what he did. He was allowed to enter that covenant on the basis of his faith. On the basis of that faith God promised to provide for, guide, take care and protect Abraham and all others who entered into the same covenant through faith.

This applies today, but we have a better covenant today. Because in the cross Jesus died for our sins. If we have our faith in the cross and what Jesus did for us at the cross we will automaticly become members of that covenant. The Lord will then automaticly include us into the covenant where He has sworn to provide for us, protect us, guide us and heal us.

But the way into that covenant is through faith, faith in the cross. And if you dont have that faith, then you will not be included in the covenant, and if you are not included in the covenant you will be outside of Gods promises. He has no obligation to provide for, protect, heal, deliver those who are not a part of His covenant. But if you are a part of His covenant you can trust Him to protect, heal, deliver and provide for you and your needs.

This can only happen if your faith is in the cross. To have this faith in the cross we must first admit to being sinners. And this is where most of Christianity today misses the mark.

You cant seperate the cross from our identity as sinners. Those who are not sinners have no need for the cross. And in the Christian world of today we see a strong focus on the Fathers love, the authority of the believer and our identity as Gods children. There is a total lack of admitting to being a sinner, and if we are never to admit to being a sinner, we will never need the cross. And if we dont have the cross we will be left out of the covenant of God.

So even though it sounds so good, so scriptural and so correct to focus on being a son, daugther of God, on my authority as a believer and the Fathers love, all of that ends up being sin and law.

It ends up being sin and law because it removes the focus from the cross and our identity as sinners. And then it shuts the door to the covenant we so desperatly need to be a part of. And then we end up with books like “The Battlefield of the mind” that lifts up works, law instead of grace and promises things we can only achieve through faith in the cross.

So we have no choice but to admit, I am a sinner but my faith as a sinner is and will always be in the cross of Christ. My faith will always be in Jesus dying for me on that cross instead of me. And that faith will “unlock” the rest of the Bible and give me access to the covenant of the Lord where He promises to provide for me, protect me, heal me and deliver me.

So through this faith I have access to all I need, and because of me being a sinner with my faith in Jesus dying for me on that cross, I know I will soon be debt free, have enough money to launch my own ministry and have all my needs met. Yes even though I am forced in the natural to continue with the process of selling my house I do believe this faith will give me the ability to harness the revenue needed to take care of my household, and go beyond so I can stay where I am at right now.

So I admit to being a sinner, but I am a sinner who believes Jesus died for me on the cross and that is the most important thing in my life.